Botox for Feet

Foot pain is prevalent in diabetic patients due to nerve damage however a new treatment may provide some much needed relief. Doctors in Taiwan have been experimenting with injections of botulinum toxin type A (Botox) into the feet of diabetic patients. They have found that they can substantially reduce nerve related foot pain with this type of treatment.

Doctors at the Taipei Medical University tested 18 patients with type 2 diabetes who were suffering from Neuropathy (nerve related foot pain). The patients were spilt into 2 groups, one group received the Botox while the other received saline water injections. The group were injected with 12 injections of Botox into the skin across the top of the foot.

The patients were analyzed at the beginning of the study and on an average pain score of 0-10 their score was 6.36. After 12 weeks of Botox injections the average score was 2.53 and the patients who were having the saline injections had no noticeable pain reduction. 44% of the patients have a reduction of 3 points in their score over 12 weeks.

Patients were also able to sleep better as the neuropathic diabetic foot pain was reduced. The doctors concluded that this may be an effective treatment method for diabetics but further research concerning the optimal dosage and precise treatment options need further investigation.



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