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Aero Walkers

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Aero Walkers
Aero Walkers
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Aero Walkers

20.00 ($33.00) (Euro 23.89)

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Aerowalkers have been designed to help in the following conditions :

*Sports injuries
*Foot injuries
*Deep Vein Thrombosis (D.V.T)
*Poor circulation
*Pins and needles.

*Lack of sensation.
*Oedema of feet and legs.
*Recuperative therapy for sports injuries.
*Post fracture muscle recuperation.
*Developing plantar pressure in recovering hemiplegics.

The Aerowalkers have been specially developed to meet general well being needs enhancing circulatory activity during periods of rest, relaxation, recuperation or inactivity. Aerowalkers help to keep you active, helps to maintain blood flow and muscle tone in your legs. Aerowalkers use a simple reflex action which does not require your attention and can be used when reading, watching TV and on long haul flights.

Caution: Do not wear while standing or walking.
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