Air-Gel Ankle Brace

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Air-Gel Ankle Brace

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Air-Gel Ankle Brace Air-Gel Ankle Brace

Comfortable gel brace indicated for acute ankle sprains. The air gel ankle brace can be placed in the freezer and later used as a cold therapy compression stirrup to reduce swelling following an ankle sprain. The model has two straps to secure the shell to the contours of the bony anatomy.

Two shaped plastic medial and lateral ankle supports attached by a supporting stirrup, air-gel liner bags can be used for hot/cold therapy.

Wide touch-close fastenings provide easy application and correct fitting.

Suitable for the left or right foot.

Product suitability

Acute Soft Tissue Injury, Lateral Ligament Injury/Instability, Medio Lateral Ankle Instability, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis.

One size fits all.


Price: 45.00 ($74.25) (Euro 53.76)

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