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Callus File & Pumice

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Callus FileCallus File

Double sided foot file offers two sides, one pumice and one emery, for gentle pedicures. Start with the pumice side to remove hard or callused skin and finish with emery side. Works quickly, easily and safely to help restore skin's natural softness.

For optimum results use this file with our flexitol heel balm

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Price: 5.99 ($9.88) (Euro 7.16)

Pumice Stone Pumice Stone

Ideal for the reduction of hard skin and corns. Use after your shower or bath for better removal of softened calluses. 

Price: 5.00 ($8.25) (Euro 5.97)

Foot RaspFoot Rasp

This foot rasp is designed to reduce corns and smooth away the rough, hardened skin from the feet. It works best if used on dry feet before your shower or bath, and before applying any lotion or cream to your feet.

Gently rub callused areas to remove hardened skin. When the rasp screen becomes filled with dry tissue, simply tap the reducer tool on a dry towel. After use, apply your foot lotion such as Imperial Corns and Callus Solution.


Price: 6.00 ($9.90) (Euro 7.17)