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Clearance Section

Clearance Section
Save 10% Spenco Heel Cushion Save 10% Spenco Heel Cushion

WAS £12 NOW £11

Made from RUBATEX Closed-Cell Neoprene, Spenco Products offer exceptional shock absorption, cushioning, and energy return. The micro-denier suede top cloth reduces friction and is treated with ULTRA-FRESH to inhibit the growth of odour-causing bacteria on the insole. Heel Cushions absorb shock to the heel which can relieve the pain associated with Heel Pain.

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Price: 11.00 ($18.15) (Euro 13.14)


Save 15% Ankle Sleeve Save 15% Ankle Sleeve

WAS £30 NOW £25.50

This sleeve will provide support to vital ligaments and bony structures around the ankle joint. 

Price: 25.50 ($42.08) (Euro 30.46)

Save 20% Silicone full-length insole with anti shock zones (pair) Save 20% Silicone full-length insole with anti shock zones (pair)

WAS £25 NOW £20

Silicone anti shock insoles are designed to absorb shock, comfort the foot, and treat sports related injuries. The built in arch support provides stability while the anti shock zones limit the amount of pressure the foot is subjected to.

This insole provides instant relief and comfort from pressure and shock from the heel to the sole of the foot. Ideal for patients seeking arch support for excess pronation, heel pain, knee pain, shin pain.  More Information...

Price: 20.00 ($33.00) (Euro 23.89)


Save 15% Nail Serum 16ml Save 15% Nail Serum 16ml

WAS £16 NOW £13.60

A non-oily treatment concentrate with Vitamin H, Silk Protein that will protect natural nails against polish chemicals and enrich them with necessary nutrients 

Price: 13.60 ($22.44) (Euro 16.25)

Save 60% Silicone Toe Spreader (pair) Special Offer Save 60% Silicone Toe Spreader (pair) Special Offer

WAS £12 NOW £5

This high grade silicone product provides comfort and relief for painful and annoying soft corns found between the toes, also relieves discomfort caused by overlapping toes.  

Price: 5.00 ($8.25) (Euro 5.97)

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Save 10% Lamisil AT Spray 15ml Save 10% Lamisil AT Spray 15ml

WAS £11 NOW £10

Fungal infections of the skin are common, and can cause real discomfort. Lamisil AT 1% spray has been developed to treat and cure Athlete's Foot. Relieves itching, burning, cracking, and scaling which can accompany this condition.

Wash the affected skin with luke warm water and dry completely before applying.

Spray twice a day (morning or night) until the condition is resolved.

Wear well-fitting, ventilated shoes. Change shoes and socks at least once daily.

Not recommended for children.


Price: 10.00 ($16.50) (Euro 11.95)