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Cold Weather

Cold Weather
Akileine Winter Cream for Chilblains 75ml
Akileine Winter Cream for Chilblains 75ml

Feet suffer a lot from cold weather because they are at the extremities of the body. In order to preserve its normal temperature even by cold weather condition, some physiological alterations happen:

· a slow micro blood circulation, due to vasoconstriction
· a decrease in the production of sebum, making the skin less elastic and rougher.

These factors make the skin more fragile: with real cold conditions, frostbites and chilblains may occur.

Akileine Winter Cream is especially formulated to fight the effect of the cold by keeping the skin supple and resistant. It also prevents chilblains, reinforces the natural hydro-lipidic barrier of the skin and calms itching associated with chilblains.

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Price: 12.00 ($19.80) (Euro 14.34)

Vulkan Thin Warm Pants Vulkan Thin Warm Pants

Ultra thin neoprene delivers exceptional comfort levels and warmth. Provide heat retaining benefits and firm support. Feature an adjustable pull cord at the waist for additional comfort and safety.

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Price: 37.00 ($61.05) (Euro 44.20)


Gehwol Warming Bath 150 ml Bottle Gehwol Warming Bath 150 ml Bottle

The Gehwol Warming Bath provides long lasting thermic action. It is highly concentrated - use 2 teaspoons fully diluted in one gallon of water. Excellent for cold feet and poor circulation.

Tip: The warming bath is recommended in conjunction with the Gehwol Red Cream as a daily treatment.

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Price: 13.00 ($21.45) (Euro 15.53)