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Akileine Creams

Akileine Creams
Akileine Winter Cream for Chilblains Akileine Winter Cream for Chilblains

Feet suffer a lot from cold weather because they are at the extremities of the body. In order to preserve their normal temperature even in cold weather conditions, some physiological alterations happen:

· a slow micro blood circulation, due to vasoconstriction
· a decrease in the production of sebum, making the skin less elastic and rougher.

These factors make the skin more fragile. In real cold conditions, frostbite and chilblains may occur.

Akileine Winter Cream is especially formulated to prevent them.  

8.00 ($13.20) (Euro 9.56)

Akileine Cream for Dry & Flaky Skin Akileine Cream for Dry & Flaky Skin

Get rid of cracked heels and much more!

An exotic combination of ingredients helps to improve the condition of even the most difficult dry, chapped, calloused foot problems. If you've searched for a solution to these problems, go no further. You've got to try it to believe it!

It can even be used on dry elbows, knees and cuticles. Rich in Vitamin A and Shea Butter Extract, this formula will soften and rehydrate even the most stubborn of dry feet. 

50 ml 7.50

150 ml 11.00

Akileine Cream for Hyperhidrosis Akileine Cream for Hyperhidrosis

For the treatment of excessive foot perspiration and unpleasant odours.

This cream regulates, but does not stop perspiration. Lipoamino Acids maintain the skin's specific pH and protect delicate skin from irritation due to excessively damp feet. 

50 ml 8.00

150 ml 11.00