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Akileine Winter Cream for Chilblains 75ml
Akileine Winter Cream for Chilblains 75ml

Feet suffer a lot from cold weather because they are at the extremities of the body. In order to preserve their normal temperature even in cold weather conditions, some physiological alterations happen:

· a slow micro blood circulation, due to vasoconstriction
· a decrease in the production of sebum, making the skin less elastic and rougher.

These factors make the skin more fragile. In real cold conditions, frostbite and chilblains may occur.

Akileine Winter Cream is especially formulated to prevent them.
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Price: 12.00 ($19.80) (Euro 14.34)

Aero Walkers
Aero Walkers

Aerowalkers have been designed to help in the following conditions :

*Sports injuries
*Foot injuries
*Deep Vein Thrombosis (D.V.T)
*Poor circulation
*Pins and needles.

*Lack of sensation.
*Oedema of feet and legs.
*Recuperative therapy for sports injuries.
*Post fracture muscle recuperation.
*Developing plantar pressure in recovering hemiplegics.

The Aerowalkers have been specially developed to meet general well being needs enhancing circulatory activity during periods of rest, relaxation, recuperation or inactivity. Aerowalkers help to keep you active, helps to maintain blood flow and muscle tone in your legs. Aerowalkers use a simple reflex action which does not require your attention and can be used when reading watching TV and on long haul flights.

Caution: Do not wear while standing or walking.

Features & Benefits of Aerowalkers:

Front and rear air chambers create a cushion of air underfoot.

Restricted air passageway between air chambers allows a gentle rocking of feet to move air back and forth for a massaging effect.

Inflatable arch strap with hook-and-loop closure applies pressure to the arch, helping to stimulate circulation.

Carrying case stores Aerowalkers easily for traveling convenience.

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Price: 20.00 ($33.00) (Euro 23.89)

Foot Warmers (pair)
Foot Warmers (pair)

The Foot Warmers are the perfect way to soothe tired, aching or cold feet. They can also help to improve circulation and ease arthritic pain

One size fits feet up to size 7 - this product is not designed for walking in.

Made with 100% pure cotton

Inserts filled with natural Cotswold wheat grain and pure essential oils

Outer covers can be removed and cleaned per instructions

Always follow heating instructions on packaging and on calico wheat bag

In time aroma may need replenishing, add a few drops of pure essential oil onto the cushion after heating

W240mm H278mm D35 mm

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Price: 25.00 ($41.25) (Euro 29.87)

100% Lambswool Insoles (pair)
100% Lambswool Insoles (pair)

One of the most popular insoles on the market. Made from high quality Australian wool with a latex backing, it is worn all year, for supreme comfort, warm in winter, cool in summer.

These high quality insoles provide heat and are ideal for patients suffering from Chilblains

UNIVERSAL SIZE- Trim to size

The lambswool insoles are ideal to use in conjunction with the Akileine Winter Cream for Chilblains above.

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Price: 10.00 ($16.50) (Euro 11.95)

Gehwol Warming Balm 75ml
Gehwol Warming Balm 75ml

Gehwol Warming Balm with extracts of algae, paprika, ginger, essential oils of rosemary and lavender, as well as invigorating camphor stimulate the circulation and produce a pleasant feeling of warmth.

In a base of skin-friendly emollients such as avocado oil, beeswax and lanolin, aloe vera, urea and glycerine improve skin moisturization. They help the skin to store and harness natural moisture. Makes normal and dry skin, smooth and supple.

Daily care keeps the skin on the feet healthy, keeps it supple and imparts a pleasant feeling of lasting warmth.


Price: 11.00 ($18.15) (Euro 13.14)