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Insoles with metatarsal support

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Silicone 3/4 Insole with Metatarsal Pad (pair)Silicone 3/4 Insole with Metatarsal Pad (pair)

A clear choice for treating painful corns.

Insert this 3/4-length cushion in your shoe and step away from irritating pain of corns and hard skin.

Made of medical-grade silicone, the metatarsal insole comforts the area of the foot where symptoms are most pronounced, helping reduce and absorb the shock with each step.

The raised pad applies compression to help increase circulation. Experience the comfort of silicone with this slim, unobtrusive insole, thin and narrow enough to comfortably fit most ladies shoes but will also fit into men's shoes and deliver lasting relief where it is needed most.

Price: 19.99 ($32.98) (Euro 23.88)

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Silicone full-length insole with anti shock zones (pair)Silicone full-length insole with anti shock zones (pair)

Silicone anti shock insoles are designed to absorb shock, comfort the foot, and prevent sports related injuries. The built in arch support provides stability while the anti shock zones limit the amount of pressure the foot is subjected to.

This insole provides instant relief and comfort from pressure and shock from the heel to the sole of the foot. Ideal for patients seeking arch support for corns.

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Price: 25.00 ($41.25) (Euro 29.87)


Dr Foot Gel Plus Insoles (pair) Dr Foot Gel Plus Insoles (pair)

Note: New and improved design. The new Dr Foot Gel Plus Insoles have a firm support with softer blue area in the heel and forefoot giving enhanced cushioning to these targeted sensitive areas.

The Gel Plus is ideal in all types of footwear used in high-impact activities. The Dual Gel Shock Modules provide extraordinary protection for the two major impact zones, the HEEL and FOREFOOT. They also feature an arch support to prevent overpronation (rolling over of the feet) which can cause problems such as heel, arch, back and leg pain.

These remarkable dual-density gel insoles doubles the cushioning where feet need it the most - at the heel and metatarsal area. So if you suffer from Achilles pain then use these insoles to prevent overpronation and cushion the heel and forefoot for extra comfort.

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Price: 25.00 ($41.25) (Euro 29.87)

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Buy 2 pairs of Gel Plus Insoles for a 20% discount price 40

Queen Metatarsal Support (pair) Queen Metatarsal Support (pair)

For forefoot discomfort, designed to be worn with open shoes such as sandals and slim pumps as they are narrow.
The Queen Metatarsal Support backs up the metatarsal bones to keep them in the correct position.

*Extra thin.
*Natural vegetable tanned leather.
*Self adhesive 

19.99 ($32.98) (Euro 23.88)


De Luxe 3/4 Length Splay Foot Insole (pair) De Luxe 3/4 Length Splay Foot Insole (pair)

The De Luxe is a 3/4 insole that helps to prevent
and relieve splayfoot. These supports allow the
arch and metatarsals to maintain and to regain
their anatomically correct position.
A sturdy support for the longitudinal
A built in orthopaedic insert for the
latitudinal arch.
Made of prime quality calf leather which
allows the foot to breathe.
Easy fix self adhesive back 

14.99 ($24.73) (Euro 17.91)


100% Lambswool Insoles (pair)100% Lambswool Insoles (pair)

One of the most popular insole type on the market. Made from high quality Australian Wool with a latex backing, it is worn all year, for supreme comfort, warm in winter, cool in summer. These high quality insoles provide cushioning and are ideal for patients suffering from corns. 

Price: 10.00 ($16.50) (Euro 11.95)

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