Pads to protect the top of toes

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Pads to protect the top of toes

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Silicone Digital Protector (pair)Silicone Digital Protector (pair)

Superior cushioning for hard skin

Ease the pain of hard skin, corns or blisters between toes, reduce scar tissue, protect hammertoes and over/under lapping toes with these stretchable, flexible caps.

While the fabric reduces friction on and between toes, the patented, medical grade, polymer gel lining works to soften and moisture the corn.

Remove Silicone Digital Protector for 4 hours each day to allow skin to breathe.

Price: 9.00 ($14.85) (Euro 10.75)


Silicone Toe CapSilicone Toe Cap

The seamless toe cap effectively shelters the complete toe, including the nail plate, from all kinds of mild trauma. Its reinforced "hood" provides instant relief for foot conditions located on the very tip of the toe.

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Price: 8.50 ($14.03) (Euro 10.15)