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Nail Serum 16ml Nail Serum 16ml

A non-oily treatment concentrate with Vitamin H, Silk Protein that will protect natural nails against polish chemicals and enrich them with necessary nutrients 

Price: 16.00 ($26.40) (Euro 19.12)

Cuticle Softener 16ml Cuticle Softener 16ml

Softens the hardened and dry cuticle, enhances the pedicure process. 

Price: 15.00 ($24.75) (Euro 17.92)

Night Care 100ml Night Care 100ml

This sumptuous foot care product was specially developed for tired, stressed skin. Bisabolol and Vitamin E nourish and soothe the skin. Organic seaweed extract rich in minerals, proteins and vitamins ensures a lasting, nutrient-rich moisturizing effect  

Price: 16.00 ($26.40) (Euro 19.12)

Nail Care Pen Calcium Nail Care Pen Calcium

A rich nail and cuticle care product which nourishes the nail with calcium. 

Price: 14.00 ($23.10) (Euro 16.73)

Professional Nail Clipper Professional Nail Clipper



Price: 10.00 ($16.50) (Euro 11.95)

LCN Nail Drill LCN Nail Drill

Treat yourself to a lifetime of beautiful nails

LCN has crafted a superb nail care system. It offers the resources to indulge in a salon-quality manicure or pedicure in the comfort of your own home. Three lightweight, long-life attachments will ensure your complete nail care needs are met: shaping, finishing, cuticle maintenance, buffing and cleaning. This battery powered drills allows you to shape and shorten thick, difficult to cut nails.

Other Important Information:

Care: Clean handle and implements with disinfectant.
Not recommended for diabetic customers. 

Price: 35.00 ($57.75) (Euro 41.81)

Royal Mail Special Delivery Royal Mail Special Delivery

Price: 7.00 ($11.55) (Euro 8.36)

DHL International Shipping DHL International Shipping

Price: 53.00 ($87.45) (Euro 63.32)

Royal Mail Special Delivery SATURDAY only Royal Mail Special Delivery SATURDAY only

Price: 10.00 ($16.50) (Euro 11.95)