Repetitive Stress Injuries Of Wrist

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Repetitive Stress Injuries Of Wrist

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D Ring Wrist Support
D Ring Wrist Support

The classic choice for treating the pain and discomfort of carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, tendonitis and other wrist disorders. A non-elastic construction that does not restrict circulation. The circumferential design holds the brace in position during application and D-Ring closures provide tension control to adjust the amount of support required. A double layer of cotton stockinette under closures cushions the straps and the forearm length is proportional to the brace size. Has a removable, adjustable aluminium support bar. Splints available in regular and long length. Both lengths restrict the wrist to prevent unwanted flexion or extension, yet they allow unobstructed motion of the fingers and thumb. Splint sizes are directly proportional to forearm length. Fabricated from a polyester/cotton fabric laminated to 1cm foam.

Please note the long length D ring Support is only available in beige.
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Price: 55.00 ($90.75) (Euro 65.71)

Left or right hand


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Wrist Brace 22.9cm Wrist Brace 22.9cm

Designed to limit movement after a severe occupational wrist injury. Features a removable aluminium splint. Not recommended for use during heavy manual work or sporting activities. Natural inconspicuous colour.

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Price: 19.99 ($32.98) (Euro 23.88)

Left or right hand


Nano Bamboo Wrist Support Nano Bamboo Wrist Support

Provides antibacterial properties to encourage cellular growth. Lightweight, soft and uniform compression for overall comfort. Stretch hook and loop strap fastener.

Universal Size 

Price: 18.00 ($29.70) (Euro 21.50)

Mouse Pad Wrist Rest Mouse Pad Wrist Rest

Mouse wrist pillow -Black. Soft thick cushioning and secondary support layer provides all-day computing comfort. Large surfaced pad conforms to the shape of your wrists. Fits all mice. Non-skid base.

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Price: 25.00 ($41.25) (Euro 29.87)

Keyboard Wrist Rest Keyboard Wrist Rest

Pads situated where hands naturally rest when typing for exceptional comfort. Dedicated numeric pad support for comfortable number input Distributes wrist pressure throughout the foam for more comfortable typing

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Price: 25.00 ($41.25) (Euro 29.87)

Reusable Cold/Hot Gel Packs Reusable Cold/Hot Gel Packs

Cold and warm therapy can help the healing process associated with repetitive stress injuries.

Microwavable and remains flexible when frozen. Apply cold therapy initially and heat therapy when the wrist is in the healing phase.

Approximately 30cm length and 12cm width


Price: 10.00 ($16.50) (Euro 11.95)

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