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Toe Socks Toe Socks

Seamless and lightweight, Toe socks are ideal socks for runners as they are made from 90% high quality cotton and 10% elastane for a perfect foot and toe fit.

Toe Socks are as thin as normal socks and are ideal for use in everyday and formal shoes or in sporting footwear. They are also ideal for activities like Yoga or Pilates where the function of the entire foot is essential.

ToeToe Socks keep the feet warm and snug whilst inspiring a feeling of freedom.

Main ToeToe features:

GERMS & UNPLEASANT ODOURS - No germs, no odours
Every cell on feet is looked after by ToeToe socks fabric and the environment becomes virtually impossible for germs to survive therefore unpleasant odours adequately prevented.

FABRIC - Soft, comfy, last long
The cotton of ToeToe socks is prepared with special techniques for a soft and comfortable finish.

FABRIC THICKNESS - Thin to wear with all footwear
ToeToe socks are thin enough to wear with any shoes.

ERGONOMIC - Takes the shape of feet with heel
ToeToe Socks are manufactured completely seamless and with heel to create perfect fit and ultimate comfort.

STRETCHY FABRIC - Ensures perfect fit
We use perfect amount of elastane to make sure the fabric will take the shape of any feet. Also makes it easy to put on.

EXCESS HEAT - No friction between toes
Separation of toes prevents toe friction hence stops feet overheating in warm days.

TOE EXERCISE - Straight toes forever
Exercised toes keep their natural shape as they move all the time and not squashed together as in conventional socks.

BLISTERS - Free yourself from blisters
With separation, the toes stop rubbing together which means the risk of having blisters is a lot less.

Unisex fits sizes 4-11.


Price: 10.00 ($16.50) (Euro 11.95)


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