Swede X8 Ankle Brace

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Swede X8 Ankle Brace

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Swede X8 Ankle Brace Swede X8 Ankle Brace

The Swede-O X8 ankle brace has simplified the strapping system from the cumbersome traditional four strap design to the X8’s exclusive twin dual-purpose strap.

These two straps can be applied much more quickly and easily. These specially designed straps secure on both the brace and on each other, allowing them to be used as both the figure-eight and the top locking straps over the laces.

Another feature of the X8 ankle brace is the straps are pre-positioned half way through the figure-eight configuration for easier application and to ensure proper strap placement.

The superior construction and longer length of the straps also allows more leverage to be applied for a much more secure fit and gives the user the option to secure their ankle in slight eversion to better prevent ankle injuries.


Price: 45.00 ($74.25) (Euro 53.76)