Theraband Hand Ball Exerciser for Arthritis Pain

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Theraband Hand Ball Exerciser

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Theraband Hand Ball Exerciser
Theraband Hand Ball Exerciser
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Theraband Hand Ball Exerciser

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Thera-Band® Hand Exercisers are specially formulated exercisers provided in a progressive sequence of four translucent colours. They are ideal for arthritis patients that need to treat hand and finger pain by strengthening the muscles and providing hot and cold therapy.

The softer yellow and red models fill the gap between putty and spring devices and they're not as messy as putty.

Progressive resistance in different levels of compression allow each exercise to be geared to the patient and they show a clear measure of progress. Place a Hand Exerciser into the microwave or freezer for hot or cold use.

An illustrated exercise manual featuring hand coordination, gripping strength and thumb exercises is included. The hand exercisers measure 2 inches in diameter.

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