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Wrist Strengthening

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Hand Master Plus
Hand Master Plus

The All In One Hand Exerciser

Hand exerciser that uniquely works through a full, natural, 3-dimensional range of motion. This reciprocal muscle exercise strengthens, conditions and balances the tissues of the hand, wrist, fingers and forearm.

Designed by a health care professional, the Hand master Plus strengthens both the front (flexors) of the hand when squeezing the ball and the back (extensors) when opening the hand.

The Hand master Plus is designed to:

Balance and strengthen the muscles of the hand, wrist and forearm. (Carpal tunnel syndrome, injury rehab) * exercise the fingers and thumb through a full range of motion. (Sprain/fracture rehab).

The Hand master Plus HHS provides ideal treatment following carpal tunnel syndrome and repetitive stress injuries (RSI's).

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Price: 25.00 ($41.25) (Euro 29.87)


Mouse Pad Wrist Rest
Mouse Pad Wrist Rest

Mouse wrist pillow -Black. Soft thick cushioning and secondary support layer provides all-day computing comfort. Large surfaced pad conforms to the shape of your wrists. Fits all mice. Non-skid base.

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Price: 20.00 ($33.00) (Euro 23.89)

Keyboard Wrist Rest Keyboard Wrist Rest

Pads situated where hands naturally rest when typing for exceptional comfort. Dedicated numeric pad support for comfortable number input. Distributes wrist pressure throughout the foam for more comfortable typing.


Price: 20.00 ($33.00) (Euro 23.89)

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