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Thuasne Silistab Epi Thuasne Silistab Epi

Knitted support that stabilises through controlled compression.

Contoured silicone inserts provide a massaging effect.

Removable strap allows for individual adjustment.

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Price: 35.00 ($57.75) (Euro 41.81)


Vulkan Elbow Support Vulkan Elbow Support

Provides support and protection for those with minor injuries or arthritis. Can also be used to prevent injury during general sporting or lifestyle activities.

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Price: 30.00 ($49.50) (Euro 35.84)


Tennis Elbow Strap Tennis Elbow Strap

The Tennis Elbow Strap is of lightweight design. Comfortable and unrestricting fit. Indicated for the relief of tennis elbow and similar overuse injuries. Provides rapid pain relief and minimises the risk of re-injury.


Price: 18.00 ($29.70) (Euro 21.50)


Reusable Cold/Hot Gel Packs

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