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Spa Foot Treatment

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Spa Refresh Foot Bath (3 in a pack) Spa Refresh Foot Bath (3 in a pack)

The Spa Refresh Bath Gel (Infused with Tea Tree and Grapefruit) is the most luxurious foot spa you'll ever have in your own home - simply add the first sachet to a bowl of warm water, to turn the water into a thick, creamy gel that's infused with essential oils of refreshing tea tree and zingy grapefruit. This gel softens hard skin and nails and soothes and moisturises, leaving your feet feeling amazing. A wonderful little gift this summer.


Price: 9.99 ($16.48) (Euro 11.94)

Spa Soothe Foot Bath (3 in a pack)
Spa Soothe Foot Bath (3 in a pack)

The Spa Relax Bath Gel (Infused with Lavender, Lemongrass, Jasmine & Bergamot) is the incredible bath product that turns a boring old tub of hot water into a luxurious bath of hot thick creamy gel. Infused with aromatherapy oils, let your body relax and soak away the cares of the day.

The Spa Soothe Foot Bath:

• Softens hard or rough skin
• Cleans deep into the skin lines
• Leaves you feeling fantastically clean
• Turns the water into a creamy hot gel
• Turns the creamy gel back to normal

Watch in amazement when you are finished as a simple action turns the hot gel back to water which can be drained away in the normal way.

Spa Gel contains the Aromatherapy oils and effectively turns your bathroom into a home spa. Relax in the bath enjoying the benefits of the heat therapy which soothes aching joints and muscles, opening and cleaning skin pores, whilst enjoying a relaxing body massage with thousands of tiny beads (contained within the gel) caressing your body helping to soften hard skin.

Price: 9.99 ($16.48) (Euro 11.94)