Aero Walkers

User instructions

Using inflator blow enough air to fill one chamber.
Remove your shoes and put on the Aerowalkers just like a slipper and secure the straps.

With your feet flat on the floor gently rock your feet backwards and forwards.

Rocking your feet and legs exercises the muscles of the calf and thighs , you will then enjoy the pleasant relaxing sensation that Aerowalkers will bring to your feet and legs.


"Having had the misfortune to suffer a ruptured Achilles tendon last July, which resulted in an operation I was fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to use Aerowalkers to aid my recovery.

Anyone who has experienced this type of injury will know that the recovery is a very slow painful process which goes into months of physio.

The Aerowalkers certainly aided in this as it is very important to resume the blood flow once out of plaster. The Aerowalkers enabled me to do this. The gentle action of rocking was just the right amount of exercise needed to build up strength on my very weak ankle. I can certainly recommend Aerowalkers."

Many thanks, Z. Walden

"You sent me my Aerowalkers about 6 weeks ago - thank you. I think they were the difference in getting the swelling down. Traditional physiotherapy helped with improving general movement but was not helping with reducing the swelling.

I found them extremely helpful with the reduction of swelling. I started to use them within 1 week of my plaster being removed. At that time my foot and ankle were very swollen.

Within 1 week of using the Aerowalkers the swelling had visibly reduced. I was using them twice a day then. I continued at this level for 3 weeks. After that I used once per day in the week and twice at weekends if possible. The swelling continued to reduce with their use.

I'm now 7 weeks after the plaster was removed and am able to wear some of my normal shoes - no heels of course! The swelling has continued to reduce.

I now use Aerowalkers once a day for c 20 minutes probably 4/5 days per week.

I'm very grateful. I would certainly recommend Aerowalkers to anyone else in my position."

M. Bennett