Massaging Sandals with Arch Support (pair)


Kenkoh Health Sandals are manufactured to a metric standard. The centimeter measurement indicates the length of the insole at the center line.

Proper sizing is dependent upon arch position and while the chart is generally accurate, individual fitting may vary one size up or one size down.

When you receive your Kenkoh sandals you'll notice three numbers. The smallest number (e.g., "10") corresponds to a U.S. Ladies size, the second largest number (e.g., "27") represents the centimeter measure, and the largest number (e.g., "41") is a European size equivalent. However the US European size conversion is not very accurate, so we would not recommend you use the sizing on the package as a guideline. If you choose the appropriate UK and USA size below we will send you the appropriate sandals, please feel free to exchange them for a smaller or larger size until you find the size you are most comfortable with.

At first, until you grow accustomed to them, it is recommended that you wear the Kenkoh Health Sandal for short periods of time (about 10 minutes). If you have very sensitive feet you may find that wearing socks will help you to adapt. It will normally take 3-days to 3-weeks to become used to wearing the sandals.

Extend wear time at your own pace. Although the Kenkoh Health Sandal is designed for periodic use, some people find them comfortable enough to wear all day. Some people have even stated that the Kenkoh Health Sandal is the only sandal or shoe that they can wear.

The massaging action of the nodules will dislocate and dissolve accumulated waste and toxins in the soles of your feet. It is recommended that you drink more water than normal to facilitate the flushing of those wastes.

The effects may vary from one user to another and depend upon many variables.


Ladies and Gentlemen,

I would just like to thank for your excellent service. I received my massaging sandals this morning

and I am delighted and very pleased to have found you. My first sandals were bought some years ago in London

but that shop no longer exists and I have been searching for these sandals for a long time. I have several friends

who are in the same position but I shall pass your details on to them.

Thank you once again for your prompt service.

Yours sincerely

Martha Faulkner, UK