Protective Gehwol Nail and Skin Oil 15ml

"About a year ago I developed a fungal nail infection. My doctor prescribed some tablets which I took for about three days. That was enough! They made me feel so ill I just had to look for an alternative. Dr Foot came to my rescue. I used it for about three months when it suddenly struck me that it might help me with my big toenails. They had been discoloured for years but were gradually worsening. Both nails were completely discoloured. The fungal nail healed in less than six months and after nine months of using Gehwol Nail and Skin Oil, the big toes are nearly back to where they were before.

No side effects just beautiful looking nails.
Roll on summer and open toed shoes!!"

Mrs Crompton, UK

"I would like to add how delighted I am with the results from the Gehwol nail and skin softener. My husband has suffered for years with toenail fungus and would not go to see his doctor. He has been using this product regularly and his nails are very nearly back to normal. Many thanks!"

Mrs Knight, London, UK

"Hi, I purchased your product about 6 months ago, because I had very bad toenail fungus, but didn't want to take tablet's (price and health risks). Instead I did a little research and came across your website. The gehwol nail oil is working nicely. My nail is almost clear, and I am really happy that I will be able to wear sandals soon. I would recommend it to anyone, but be persistent results won't occur overnight. Thank you."

Mrs Barrow, Leeds, UK

"Hello, I got the Protective Gehwol nail and skin softener for my husband, who has one toenail in need of help. At first, there was no change, but then as the weeks went on, we noticed a change in the toenail. The colour started to change from a dark yellow to a lighter yellow and now it is almost a normal colour. He's still using the product and we hope that it will continue to help his toenail. This was the first product we've used for this problem, thank you for your advice."

Cara Sloss, East Sussex, UK