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Something IS working for Moccasin type athletes foot!

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PostPosted: Tue Jul 27, 2010 9:54 pm    Post subject: Something IS working for Moccasin type athletes foot! Reply with quote

Finally!!!! I have battled with this since 2002! Been to a poidatrist with no luck, but lots of money spent on creams that never worked.

I have put all kinds of heel creams on my foot, with no luck. I think everythign on the market.

Before I learned you can get it also on your hands (by rubbing these creams on your foot), I used my hands to put creams on. Big mistake. I use throw away gloves now, after getting Moccasin type athletes foot on both hands.

After reading all sorts of stuff on the internet and trying it all, I've found ONE thing that seems to keep this stuff down pretty good.

I put 1/2 and 1/2 white vinegar and water in a spray bottle, and spay both feet and hands a lot. I put it in the bathroom, where I can't miss it when going....so I spray VERY often.

I'd used one of those things where you scrape the dead skin off the foot in the shower (looks like cheeze grater with handle), and got the stuff down a good bit before starting the vinegar/water mix. That helps

Its really helping more than anything I'd ever paid for, and I haven't had to use the foot scraper in a while. You can never spray the vinegar/water too much. Now not enough has always been my problem!

Seems the trick for me, was putting that spay bottle where I saw it often, and would use it a LOT.

I'm sure hoping this "cures" my Moccasin type athletes foot. I've been doing this about a month now Meantime, I haven't had cracked heels in a long time. Cracked heels are SO painful. So are cracked thumbs.

Only down side is the smell. I use it a lot more at night than daytime.

The vinegar changes the PH on your feet and hands where the fungus can't live on them.

I also wear crocks, and scrub them in the shower EVERY single night. Even though I live alone, I also clean the tub every night after my shower. Its so easy to re-infect your feet. Same shoes 2 days can sure do it too, from what I have read.

I certainly hope this helps someone else. I've googled this since 02, and have tried sooooo much stuff that never worked. This IS working for me.
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