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Two broken toes... pulled ligaments in foot... help

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PostPosted: Mon Dec 11, 2006 8:21 pm    Post subject: Two broken toes... pulled ligaments in foot... help Reply with quote


Five days ago I hit my foot on the curb outside of my house when going to get the mail from the mailbox at night. The pain that shot through my toes and my foot was just unbelievable! I cried like never before!

I went to see my doctor the next day and he took x-rays of my foot and said that he saw nothing there and that I pulled some ligaments in the top of my foot, that is what was making it be bruised and to swell up. He said to ice it and to keep it elevated. There was basically nothing that I could do for the torn ligaments. The pain at this point was just too much that I could barely walk on it.

Three days later, the pain is still there... I can't bend my 4th or 5th (the baby toe) and the one in the middle bends only slightly... and there is alot of pain associated when I tried to curl my toes. There is alot of pain on the top of my foot also, right where the ligaments were supposedly torn. Its still bruised really bad, but the swelling has gone down if not gone away completely. My doctor called me this morning telling me that he went back over my x-ray and saw that I had a hair line fracture in my little toe, and to "buddy tape" it to the next one... ouch considering they are both broken!

I dont know what to do. Some people tell me that since I tore those ligaments that they aren't going to heal unless I have like an air-cast or something to keep them tight and in line. I know that there is nothing that I can do about the toes, they will have to heal on their own without a cast of any sorts.

So my question is, do I suffer through this pain, or do I go and see a podiatrist? Even though my regular doctor said that there was nothing that I could do? I dont want anything to heal wrong, and I want to be able to walk fully on my foot with no pain.

Thank you everyone! Hope someone can help me out!

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