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CCS Foot Cream

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CCS Foot Cream 60ml TubeCCS Foot Cream 60ml Tube

The CCS Foot Care Cream is extremely effective for the treatment of dry skin and cracked heels. The CCS Cream combines Urea, the skin's own natural moisturizer, with the water-binding properties of Lactic Acid and Glycerine to leave the skin feeling soft and supple. Eucalyptus Oil, as well as being antiseptic, also provides a subtle, natural fragrance.

The CCS Foot Care Cream is hypoallergenic, lanolin-free, and suitable for all skin types. Urea is regarded as a true moisturizer rather than a humectants, since it attracts and retains moisture in the corneum layer of the skin.

Urea has been found to increase absorption of other active ingredients, relieve itchiness, and help leave the skin feeling soft and supple. When applying Urea to the skin, as opposed to applying a simple emollient, you are essentially assisting one of the body's natural functions - which tend to become more and more necessary as we age.

Anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and deodorizing actions allow CCS's Foot Care Cream to protect the skin's surface against negative changes and help maintain healthy skin.

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175ml 10