Damaged Nails

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Damaged Nails

Damaged Nails
Flexitol Cuticle & Nail Cream - 20gm Flexitol Cuticle & Nail Cream - 20gm

- Conditions cuticles and smoothes away dry ragged edges
- Excellent for split nails
- Promotes nail growth
- Can be used on fingers & toes.

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Price: 10.99 ($18.13) (Euro 13.13)

Ecrinal Nail Cream 10ml Ecrinal Nail Cream 10ml

Ideal for breaking, split, ridged and fragile nails.

Fortifying pedicure cream containing ANP.

This cream helps to regenerate the nails. Use it whenever you need to help the nails to grow: breaking, chipping, ridging, weak nails. It will also strengthen and protect healthy nails

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Price: 10.99 ($18.13) (Euro 13.13)

LCN Nail Sealer 16ml LCN Nail Sealer 16ml

This nail sealer is especially formulated for dry, brittle and damaged nails as it contains vitamin E to help make your nails more flexible and elastic. For best result apply after a coat of LCN's Base Coat for damaged nails, weekly. Wait 5 minutes after you've applied the base coat before you apply the nail sealer. Can also be applied over nail polish. 

Price: 13.00 ($21.45) (Euro 15.53)

LCN Nail Builder 16ml LCN Nail Builder 16ml

Have you damaged your toenail and it is not growing now? Tired of waiting? Speed up nail growth with the LNC Regenerating Nail Builder which contains myrrh to stimulate growth. 

Price: 13.00 ($21.45) (Euro 15.53)

Nail Hardener Nail Hardener
Nail strenghtener for weak nails with calcium and Vitamin E
Use as a protective, clear coat on natural nails
Use as a strenghtening base coat under polish
3 Free - No Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), Formaldehyde or Toluene
Fast drying formula 

Price: 11.00 ($18.15) (Euro 13.14)