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Flexitol Heel Balm

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Best Seller- Flexitol Heel Balm
Best Seller- Flexitol Heel Balm
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Best Seller- Flexitol Heel Balm

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Flexitol Heel Balm has been specifically formulated for rough, hard, dry and cracked feet.

Flexitol Heel Balm contains a powerful 25% urea based ingredient that nourishes the skin. This comprehensive formula increases the skin's natural renewal process, speeding exfoliation of itchy, over-dry skin at the surface. Urea breaks down hardened, callused skin and eliminates cracks and fissures.

You need never suffer from hard, rough, dry and cracked skin on the feet by using Flexitol Heel Balm as a preventative and as a treatment. With regular use, your feet will become softer and silky smooth to the touch!

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