Knee and Foot Immobilisers

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Knee and Foot Immobilisers

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Air Cast Short Walker
Air Cast Short Walker

Aircast Walkers are used in the treatment of foot injuries or ankle injuries such as an ankle fracture and Metatarsal fractures.

High profile players such as Wayne Rooney, David Beckham and Steven Gerrard have all used Aircast Walkers successfully following a foot or ankle injury.

What are they?

The Aircast Walker features a lightweight removable plastic cast with a durable, semi-rigid shell which provides far greater protection compared to a conventional plaster cast.

The aircast shell is lined with four air cells for pneumatic support and increased comfort. These air cells can be custom inflated using the hand bulb for a 'total contact' fit. This unique method of compression supports the swollen ankle or foot, which helps to reduce swelling. For this reason, they are commonly used in the treatment of Metatarsal fractures and other conditions such as a broken ankle.

One of the main benefits of the Aircast Walker is that it is much lighter than a plaster cast and allows a greater level of mobility, making it much more comfortable and convenient to wear. This allows the patient to be active and back to work (depending on your profession).

The walker's rocker sole reduces pressures through the sole of the foot which allows earlier partial weight bearing. Controlled weight bearing as instructed by your doctor also greatly enhances healing and reduces rehabilitation time, allowing you to get back to your sport.

The other advantage of uses the Aircast Walker compared to the plaster cast is that the patient can take the cast off and undergo physiotherapy and exercise to prevent stiffness and reduce healing times. You can also wash your feet which makes it a much more hygienic and convenient method of immobilization following a metatarsal fracture.

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Price: 140.00 ($231.00) (Euro 167.26)

Shoe Size

Darco Pro Walker Darco Pro Walker

The Darco Pro Walker is a short pneumatic walking brace that offers a superior alternative to a foot and ankle plaster cast for people with foot and ankle injuries that require a cast. It features an adjustable pneumatic cushioning system to reduce ankle swelling.

The Darco Pro Walker is commonly used in the treatment of foot injuries or ankle injuries, such as a sprained ankle, ankle fracture, Metatarsal fracture, Fibula fracture, Lisfranc joint injury, Cuboid fracture and Talus fracture.

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Price: 75.00 ($123.75) (Euro 89.60)


Three Panel Knee Immobiliser       Three Panel Knee Immobiliser

Three panel immobiliser protects the knee following a serious knee injury or after knee surgery. 

Price: 45.00 ($74.25) (Euro 53.76)

Length Required

Folding Adjustable Crutch Handle Walking Stick Folding Adjustable Crutch Handle Walking Stick

It is recommended that you use a walking stick when you are utilizing the removable air cast boot. You may need to use it for several weeks to maintain your balance and keep excessive weight off the affected foot.  

Price: 18.00 ($29.70) (Euro 21.50)

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