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Toe Socks

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Toe Socks
Toe Socks
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Toe Socks

10.00 ($16.50) (Euro 11.95)


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Seamless and lightweight, Toe socks are ideal socks for people that suffer from sweaty smelly feet as they are made from 90% high quality cotton and 10% elastane for a perfect foot and toe fit.

ABSORBENT COTTON- Naturally dry feet with perfectly absorbent cotton.

High quality TOETOE cotton socks absorb the excess moisture very effectively and keep feet dry even in between the toes.

FRESH FEET - No germs, no odours.

Every cell on feet is looked after by TOETOE socks fabric and the environment becomes virtually impossible for germs to survive therefore unpleasant odours adequately prevented. There are three elements for bacteria to multiply which are; warmth, dirt, moisture. TOETOE socks successfully reduce the growth of all three elements with its unique design and quality.

Unisex fits sizes 4-11.

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