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The Ultimate Bunion Pain Kit

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The Ultimate Bunion Pain Kit The Ultimate Bunion Pain Kit

The Ultimate Bunion Pain Kit includes:

Bunion Night Splint (pair) is used to reduce the need to use surgical intervention for a bunion joint. This product is used to correct bunions while you are sleeping.

Bunion Day Splint

This one-size-fits-all Toe Alignment Splint is an effective way of maintaining correct alignment of the bunion during the day.

Toe Separator for Bunions separates the large toe from the second toe, thereby preventing the overlapping of toes.

Silicone Bunion Shield is designed to reduce pain over the bunion joint by providing cushioning and support for the bunion joint. (Pair)

Designed specifically to wear at work. Corrects alignment of the foot & ankle providing comfort and relief for people who are on their feet all day. Bunions occurs when there is poor alignment of the feet. Dr Foot's Work Insoles treats the underlying cause of bunions and provides comfort for suffers.

Callusan Extra is a recently developed cream mousse which has proven to be extremely successful in treating dry and hard skin. This special mouse can be applied to directly to the bunion joint to keep the affected area soft and supple.

(Please note for international customer we are unable to send Callusan Extra as it is a aerosol however we will dispatch CSS foot cream 175ml which has the same therapeutic properties). 

Price: 90.00 ($148.50) (Euro 107.52)

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