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Dr Foot's Sport Insoles

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Dr Foot's Sport Insoles (pair)
Dr Foot's Sport Insoles (pair)
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Dr Foot's Sport Insoles (pair)

25.00 ($41.25) (Euro 29.87)

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Dr Foot's Sports Insoles work wonders on problem-prone feet. These Insoles are biomechanically engineered to help relieve bunion pain.

Biomechanical foot problems such as over pronation (excessive rolling in of the foot) are the most common causes of bunions. Towards the end of the gait cycle (walking movement) when the foot has excessively pronated (rolled in) we tend to role off the inside of the big toe pushing it towards the second toe. This repetitive motion over time pushes the big toe so that it assumes this position permanently.

The contoured shape supports your feet in two directions, both lengthwise and across the arch, for maximum relief of pain and fatigue. The special poron heel cushion built into the insole helps to reduce shock absorption.

Dr Foot Sport Insoles are engineered to combat over pronation and provide greater stability and maximum support. Ideal for patients seeking arch support to treat the underlying causes of bunions.


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