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Dr Foot's Work Insoles

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Dr Foot's Work Insoles (pair)
Dr Foot's Work Insoles (pair)
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Dr Foot's Work Insoles (pair)

25.00 ($41.25) (Euro 29.87)

buy 2 pairs of insoles for a 20% discount Price 40

    Small (U.K shoe size 3-7.5) (U.S.A shoe size 4-8.5)    Medium (U.K shoe size 8-9.5) (U.S.A shoe size 9-10.5)    Large (U.K shoe size 10-13) (U.S.A shoe size 11-14)   

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Designed specifically to fit into work boots and shoes. These dynamically engineered functional insoles correct alignment of the foot & ankle providing comfort and relief for people who are on their feet all day.

The special poron heel cushion and the comfortable arch support helps to reduce shock absorption and fatigue. Sports Injuries and foot pain occur when there is poor alignment of the feet.

Dr Foot's Work Insoles treats the underlying cause of flat feet and arch pain and provides comfort and relief for patients.


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