DR FOOT'S BEST SELLER- Silicone Heel Cup (pair)
DR FOOT'S BEST SELLER- Silicone Heel Cup (pair)

Do you suffer from the morning heel pain of plantar fasciitis or heel spurs? If so, the Silicone Heel Cups are for you. Made of 100% soft silicone with a super-shock absorbing heel plug and designed with a low profile to fit any shoe, this heel cup both absorbs foot shock and cradles the heel. The result? Relief. The surprise? The price. These heel cups are both effective and affordable.


"Since wearing your heel cups I have found walking (at least 8-12 miles a day) that much more comfortable and pain free.

I have passed on the importance of wearing your products to my family and friends for I see no need for anyone too suffer as I have done in the past.

Thank you Dr Foot for all the comfort you have given me and allowed me to be able to carry on with my job."

Alvin, USA


I recently bought a pair of Silicone Heel Cups from you. I just want to let you know that they have given me great relief as I had great discomfort walking due to plantar fasciitis in my left heel. Since I began using them the condition has improved immensely, even the stiffness in the morning is almost gone. I HONESTLY FEEL THAT THESE CUPS HAVE GIVEN MY HEEL THE CHANCE TO RECOVER.


Mike O Connor, UK

"Just to let you have feedback, just been wearing the Heel Cups for Two Days the relief I got is unbelievable. I've got Spurs on the Heel, been suffering very badly since November 06. And I would recommend them to everybody that has Spurs.

THE BEST £20-00 I've spent in long time, I've still got a bit of pain there but nothing like it was when I walk, I think in a few weeks the PAIN may go completely, I hope.

Thank you"

Joan Johnston, UK

"Dear Sir,

I received the 'Silicone Heel Cup', which I have ordered and for which I thank you very much. They are of real help for my heel pain."

Best regards,
Mr Timofei, UK