Dr Foot Pro Insoles (3/4 length) Pair
Dr Foot Pro Insoles (3/4 length) Pair

*Dr Foot Pro Insoles are able to work while you are on your feet being active and they do not interfere with your lifestyle while they effectively treat your foot

*By physically re-stretching the plantar fascia ligament, increasing the density of the heel's natural fat pad and structurally supporting the heel bone, Dr Foot Pro Insoles work to not only heal plantar fasciitis and the pain associated with it, but it also works to prevent a reoccurrence of it.

Benefits include:

*Designed to fit regular men's and women's (flat) shoes

*Made of flexible E.V.A (similar to the material used for midsoles in most sports shoes)

*Supports the foot around its neutral position via a 4 degree built-in arch support

*Stabilizes the foot via an Angular Restraining Mechanism

*Provides shock-absorption with a Shock Dot in the centre of the heel

*Giving long-wearing comfort with a texture-covered surface

*Effective treatment of heel pain

*Designed to last approx. 12-18 months


"Relief with the FIRST STEP! I have been to 4 doctors for help with Plantar Fasciitis, and now heel spur. Have done the ice, wall stretching, physical therapy, awful painful cortisone shots, tried 7 or 8 other heel pain inserts and thought I guess I can try one more thing. I put the Dr Foot Pro Insoles in my shoe and had instant relief. I mean with the first step I did not feel the heel spur! Thank You!"

Mrs Richardson, Surrey, UK

"In the mornings, I had experienced more pain in my left heel. The pain was sharp whenever pressure was applied. The Dr Foot Pro Insoles provided support to my heel where it was greatly needed. With the added support, the pressure and the pain have been noticeably reduced. Walking, jogging, or running is more comfortable - without the pain! "

Mrs Toole, London

"I am amazed and very grateful to you, I ordered my Dr Foot Pro insoles late yesterday afternoon via the Internet and they arrived by recorded delivery this morning.

What an amazing delivery service you have, I just hope the insoles now help with my plantar fascitis.

Thank you again for such speedy service"

Sue, UK

"Just wanted to say that after trying so many different kinds of insoles yours seem to be helping me the most! I have a heel spur and you suggested the green pro insoles would help ...they are helping!!


Anthea, Gibraltar

"Hi, my insoles arrived within a few days thanks!

I did as instructed with the insoles and wore them for a few hours for the first week, I felt like I was walking so strange at first, not at all convinced I could keep them in my shoes, then after a few days I forgot they were there and a week later I can walk for longer with no pain during the day or night, I'm impressed!!!"

Dawn, UK

"I just wanted to say that these are brilliant. They have provided me with relief from heel pain instantly. They feel strange when you first put them on but after a very short while that feeling goes away. They changed my life."

Mrs Moss, UK

"I have been suffering with Plantar Fasciitis for a few weeks, treating with regular cold water soaks and anti-inflammatory creams. I purchased a set of Dr Foot Pro insoles from yourselves which were delivered yesterday. The reaction was instantaneous. I can feel the insole, but it is not uncomfortable and the pain has gone. At weekends I am a football referee, in and around the Birmingham area, so my foot gets a fair amount of punishment. Thank you."

Mr King, UK

"Dear Sirs

I didn't really believe the Dr Foot Pro Insoles would help, but together with just one of the exercises, they seem to have relieved the pain. I perched on the stairs (to stretch the Achilles tendon) for the prescribed time twice a day, and used the insoles faithfully, and within six weeks I could feel a huge difference.

I'm glad you explained that the insoles and exercises gave the inflammation a chance to heal -- I hadn't quite appreciated that the pain indicated inflammation.

I'm not quite there yet (it's been a few months but I walk everywhere, so I assume this would make it take longer) but I can feel the progress.

Thank you!"

Mrs H Meyer, UK

"I went to the post office and picked up my inserts. I could not wait to put them in. They feel great !! It was a great feeling not to hurt. Thanks! "

Mrs Evanko, USA

"I would like to say how fantastic the Dr Foot Pro insoles are. I have been suffering with severe Plantar Fasciitis for the last year, I have tried everything in the book and nothing seemed to have worked, until I got the insoles. I now have my life back instead of limping around constantly. I have recommended this product to others who have the same condition."

Denise Hill, UK

"Dr Foot Pro Insoles is a semi-flexible insole which corrects poor lower body alignment and relieves back, leg and heel pain."

Daily Mail Newspaper 16th March 2010

"I have just read your June newsletter and found your patient question on plantar fascitis very interesting. I suffered with this problem about 3 years ago and bought a pair of expensive orthotics but they did not help. However I bought a couple of pairs of your Pro insoles which I use all the time, they are so comfy and I've had no pain at all in my feet, and I can be on my feet for hours sometimes. Going for a walk is also a great pleasure.

Many thanks"

Sarah Rogers, UK

"I am so very pleased with the above insoles and wish I had discovered Dr Foot a long time ago. What a difference they have made to the pain associated with the plantar facissitis in my right foot. Apart from the heel pain easing in my foot but the pain in my left hip, where I was compensating, has eased so much in the two days I've been wearing the insoles I want to SHOUT it out! However, the next best thing was to write in as no one appears to believe the relief I'm experiencing, and say a big Thank You."

Fam Clay, UK

"Just to let you know my exprience with drfoot, I found them very help full I phoned the company and the person I spoke to was very helpfull, he listened to what I had to say /the problems im having with my heels then he explained the inserts that would be best for my pain im suffering in my feet I have now had the inserts for about 5weeks and I have got to say that the pain has subsided say 80% i would recomend them to anyone , once we spoke and I ordered the goods they where delivered within 3working days, I got very good customer service ,also was very easy to get on there website ,so yes all round 10/10 "

Lorna lumb, UK