Slim Fit Orthofit (pair)
Slim Fit Orthofit (pair)

As we walk our feet are meant to pronate (roll inwards). Unfortunately some of us over pronate (roll inwards further than is necessary); this causes arches to flatten and ligaments and bones to be misaligned. The Dr Foot Slim Fit Pro can help put this right.

The ideal insoles for ultimate control of foot function. These are the most rigid insoles in the Dr Foot range yet they provide a surprising level of comfort along with the essential support that is required to prevent over pronation. We have distributed these to several podiatric practices within the UK and have had a very positive result.

Wearing Instructions

Wearing the Dr Foot Slim Fit Pro is a bit like wearing new shoes; gradually wearing them in will help you get used to the corrections they will make to your walking cycle.

Use the orthotics only for half an hour to 45 minutes for the first 2-4 days. Use them only as long as you feel comfortable in these early stages. If your legs and feet ache, take them out and use them the next day, it is not unusual to feel a little discomfort in the first few days as you get used to the realignment and correction of your posture.

Each day you will find that you can wear the orthotics for longer until you are wearing them everyday.

You can clean them with a warm soapy cloth, do not soak them.

It is recommended not to use these insoles bare footed and wear some form of foot protection such as a socks, pop socks or comfort sole footsies.


"Just writing a quick note to say thank you for the Dr Foot Slim Fit Pro Insoles. I have been suffering from severe over pronation and flat feet for years and wanted something firm that I could put into all my shoes. When they first arrived my initial impression was that the insoles were going to be uncomfortable as they appeared quite stiff but to my surprise they are very comfortable and have stopped all the symptoms I was getting. Thank you very much for providing me this product.

Mrs. Heather R Knibb
Leeds, UK