Dr Foot's Work Insoles (pair)
Dr Foot's Work Insoles (pair)

The ideal insoles for complete foot support, comfort, correct posture and mechanics. Dr Foot's insole is a unique foot support system intended to help relieve foot pain, while preventing foot strain and injury. A full-length, prescription like arch support prevents and treats foot pain. The result: control for feet rolling inward (over-pronation), which can pull the entire lower body out of alignment. A special fabric cover reduces slippage and heat, helping keep feet drier.

Cutting Instructions

The insole is retailed in three different sizes and needs to be trimmed using the guidelines provided on the base of the insoles for an exact fit.

*Identify the left and right orthotics. Turn the insoles over and place them on a flat surface with toes facing away from you.
*If a manufacturer insole is already in the shoe, remove it. If you desire, you can use this as a template to assist in cutting.
*Using a sharp pair of scissors, carefully trim the base of the insoles along the guidelines one line at a time.
*Place the insole in the shoe and if the insole is not a perfect fit, trim the next guideline until your Dr Foot Insoles fit perfectly.

Traditional Treatment

Insoles have been used for years to help people with foot pain. Traditionally when we think of insoles or orthotics we think of a hard plastic insert that is placed in the shoe. It cups the heel and supports the arch but because it is not flexible and it does not extend the full length of the foot. This tends to make this type of orthotic uncomfortable and ineffective for many people. It also repositions the arch using "Brute Force" Because it is not flexible it forces the arch into it's correct position but does nothing to relieve the pressure that is forcing the arch to collapse, causing the foot or leg pain in the first place.

This type of hard plastic orthotic can actually cause increased pain in patients, which is the reason why we have recommended the Dr Foot Insoles for the treatment of over pronation and foot pain. They provide a flexible yet incredibly supportive and stable treatment.


...looking forward to receiving my second pair of Dr Foot Work Insoles as they have done wonders for my feet. I've been working up to 11-12 hrs a day in a packing factory and have had no pain in my arch area, they feel great!

Julie S Fall
New York, U.S.A

"I had been experiencing pain in my ankles and the balls of my feet for 18 months, at 48 years of age; I had assumed the pain was due to old age and too much sport when I was younger. The pain was at its worst when I was playing golf or walking in my business shoes. I had wasted a fortune buying different pairs of both golf and business shoes, I had also tried many different insoles in my shoes, none provided any relief. I was at a point where I could no longer complete a round of golf, let alone compete.

I decided to do some research on the Internet and came across the Dr Foot website, although sceptical, I decided to buy a pair of Dr Foots work insoles and for my golf shoes, Dr Foots sports insoles. The results are amazing; over a three week period wearing the insoles in my business shoes and golf shoes the pain gradually eased and has now completely gone. I then conducted my own experiment and decided to wear my business shoes without the insoles for a day, the pain returned within hours; luckily I brought the insoles with me and popped them back into my shoes.

The Dr Foot insoles are magic; I am buying a pair for all of my shoes."

Bill Duff, UK

"Have received my order this morning and am very pleased with the comfort of the insoles. May I also say how impressed we (my wife and I) are with your excellent service. I am thinking of placing an order for more insoles."

Mr Thomas, UK

"Just like to say thanks for eliminating my foot / heel pain with the use of your Work insole. Suddenly out of nowhere I developed heel pain when I took my first few steps after a period of rest. After finding your insoles on the net I purchased a pair of the work insoles as I wear work boots pounding up and down a concrete floor for 8 hrs a day and have done for 20 odd years. Upon putting the insoles in my boots immediately felt more comfortable so even if it didn't work I felt it was money well spent. Over a period of a few months my pain has gone without the need to see a Doctor. I will continue to use the insoles in my work boots."

Mr Phil Love, UK