Calf Massage Ball


The Massage Ball is held with the massage ball positioned along the length of the muscle. As pressure is applied the stroke is directed as needed along the muscle. Pressure can be held in a general area as a twisting or circular motion is applied for a deeper more generalized massage.


With this stroke the Massage Ball is held with the massage ball positioned across the length of the muscle. Pressure is then applied as a long smooth stroke is performed up and down the length of the muscle. The use of various hand positions, including both hands on the tool, will provide maximum comfort for the user.

Further Information:

Unique omni-directional massage ball allows the user to actually feel what is going on in the body, just like driving a car over a speed bump, the knots and restrictions can be felt in the tissue.

The omni-directional massage ball diffuses the intensity of direct pressure to the surrounding tissue, making deep work more comfortable for the receiver.

Persons with touch-sensitive conditions who cannot tolerate many types of massage report that they are able to comfortably accept and benefit from massage with the Omni Massage Roller Use directly over clothing or on bare skin.

Use with lotions and oils, cleans easily in hot soapy and water.

Made to be used in any wet environment, bath, Jacuzzi, Steam Room.

Can be used hot or cold.

Place into the refridgerator for a short while for cold therapies.

Place into a bowl of hot water (NOT BOILING) or hot towel for hot massage therapy.

Long-lasting, durable construction, no internal parts to wear out or corrode.


"I have to say the calf massager I bought from you has worked wonders! I didn't really appreciate how effective massing the calf could be to stop my persistent calf pain. I have found it easy to use and it's done the job, thank you!"

Anthony Maynard, UK