Dr Foot Gel Plus Insoles (pair)
Dr Foot Gel Plus Insoles (pair)
These performance insoles are ideal for all High Impact Activities. The combined forefoot and heel gel cushions

provide comfort along with a arch support.

It is recommended to replace any current insoles with the Dr Foot Insoles.

To clean the insoles, simply wipe clean with soapy water. Do not soak them.


"For the past year I have been offering

the Dr Foot Gel Plus Insole to the

members of our Running Club. Dr Foot

Gel Plus Insoles have proven to be

extremely comfortable and provide

excellent support for the entire foot.

Our members are very happy with your

product and are being used not only in

running shoes but also work shoes.

Thank you."

Mr. Thickett, UK

"Thanks for your help. By the way my

Dr Foot Gel insoles have helped my feet

more than the traditional orthotics

that I had made for me. All the other

orthotics i have used provided arch

support but were not comfortable on the

heel or forefoot. These are so

different and the difference to my feet

has been amazing. Thanks!"

Mrs. A Turner, USA

"I am writing to thank you for the

insoles you sent me. 18 months ago,

being referred by my GP to see a

consultant for my flat feet I paid £160

for a pair of orthotic insoles but your

insoles at £25 a pair are every bit as

good as my original ones, if not


Thank you!"

Mr Edwards, UK