Toe Socks
Toe Socks
Unique ToeToe Socks benefits

TOE MOVEMENT – Mobile and flexible toes

Body balance start with feet. Feet structure contains 26 bones, 31 joints and 20 muscles which need to move freely. As we imitate what we wear, in conventional socks, we do not move the toes as much as we should. Feet virtually behave like shoes.

AWARENESS – Complete connection between body and sole.

Separation of toes brings a totally new sensation. Being more aware of toes and overall feet, re-establish the connection between feet and body. It is impossible to ignore toes or let them sleep and become rigid.

FEET FUNCTION – Total control and enhanced performance

As we cannot use our fingers in mittens, it is also very difficult to use toes in conventional socks. Toe separation enables us to use toes and feet better hence they function better. We can be more in control.

BODY BALANCE – Balanced feet = balanced body

Increased awareness enables us to use toes and feet more effectively. Using every detail of feet instead of using them as one piece contributes body balance tremendously.

CIRCULATION – Optimum warmth

Movements of toes increase blood circulation which provides optimum warmth.

NATURALLY DRY – Perfectly absorbent cotton

High quality ToeToe socks cotton absorb the excess moisture very effectively and keep feet dry even in between the toes.

ATHLETE’S FOOT – No way to bacterial growth

ToeToe socks help prevent fungus related problems. Absorption of excess moisture and controlled heat between the toes greatly reduce bacterial growth.

GERMS & UNPLEASANT ODOURS – No germs, no odours

Every cell on feet is looked after by ToeToe socks fabric and the environment becomes virtually impossible for germs to survive therefore unpleasant odours adequately prevented.

FABRIC – Soft, comfy, last long

The cotton of ToeToe socks is prepared with special techniques for a soft and comfortable finish.

FABRIC THICKNESS – Thin to wear with all footwear

ToeToe socks are thin enough to wear with any shoes.

ERGONOMIC – Takes the shape of feet with heel

ToeToe Socks are manufactured completely seamless and with heel to create perfect fit and ultimate comfort.

STRETCHY FABRIC – Ensures perfect fit

We use perfect amount of elastane to make sure the fabric will take the shape of any feet. Also makes it easy to put on.

EXCESS HEAT – No friction between toes

Separation of toes prevents toe friction hence stops feet overheating in warm days.

TOE EXERCISE – Straight toes forever

Exercised toes keep their natural shape as they move all the time and not squashed together as in conventional socks.

BLISTERS – Free yourself from blisters

With separation, the toes stop rubbing together which means the risk of having blisters is a lot less.

ToeToe Socks facts:

90% of ToeToe customers always wear ToeToe socks instead of ordinary socks

ToeToe encourage toe movement at least 5 times more

100% more awareness with ToeToe socks

95% of ToeToe customers repeated their orders at least 3 times

Feel 99% barefoot with ToeToe socks

Wearing ToeToe is like having a daily massage on your feet

95% of wearers say their tennis dramatically improves by wearing ToeToe

All ToeToe socks are made of 90% pure luxury fine cotton we always try to use organic cotton

90% less risk to have blisters during outdoor and sports activities with ToeToe

ToeToe socks are easy to put on is the fabric is made stretchy

ToeToe Socks are suitable for all occasions:

For everyday wear

In the workplace in work shoes/boots

In the gym

On the tennis court

In trainers

In sandals

In bed and around the house - ultimate comfort

As slippers

For walking.... IN FACT… ANYWHERE!

ToeToe Socks Testimonials

"Tights are tight. Socks and shoes constrict the feet. The small ceremony of putting on the Toe Socks has reunited me with my tragically neglected toes, and the subsequent comfort of their separation is really notable. An extremely painful soft corn I'm ashamed to admit I developed between two toes has given up and gone for good. Bliss. (They're very good as slippers too)."
Phyllida Law - Actress

"As well as the obvious foot health benefits of Toe Socks, the separation of the toes makes it much easier to take attention to the individual functions of the metatarso phalangeal rays for the rehabilitation of a wide range of gait and foot posture related problems, such as Achilles tendonitis, anterior knee pain and low back syndrome."
Richard Panell - Registered Podiatrist

"I wish I had discovered these earlier when I was a dancer. For reasons of balance. For Pilates they are perfect for footwork on the machines. The ability to move each toe enables more individual muscle strength. Then of course there is the hygiene element. I also wear them in the day. I've given them as gifts to friends who ski friends who climb they also love them. Thank you! at last"
Clara Livingstone - Pilates Instructor and ex Dancer

"I recently did a lot of long distance hiking and hill-hiking in Scotland and under my usual thick hiking socks I wore a pair of Toe Socks. Any walker knows that ones feet are the most important part of your body to keep happy on a hike and NEVER have my feet felt so good after so many miles and weeks of walking. Not a blister in sight and every toe padded to perfection! From now on, wherever my boots go, my Toe Socks go!"
Helen Lechmere-Oertel - Science Teacher