Best Seller -Dr Foot Custom Insoles (pair)

Fitting Instructions

1. Pre-heat the oven on bake to exactly 150°F / 65°C.
It is advisable to use the middle shelf of the oven.
Fan assisted ovens - turn down to 60° C
Gas Ovens - Lowest Mark ¼ or S or SS
NOTE - Oven temperatures vary so keep an eye on the insoles. See notes in step 4

2. Where possible, remove the original insole from your shoe.

3. The insoles are retailed in three different sizes and need to be trimmed using the guidelines provided on the base of the insoles for an exact fit.

*Identify the left and right orthotics. Turn the insoles over and place them on a flat surface with toes facing away from you.
*If a manufacturer insole is already in the shoe, remove it. If you desire, you can use this as a template to assist in cutting.
*Using a sharp pair of scissors, carefully trim the base of the insoles along the guidelines one line at a time.
*Place the insole in the shoe and if the insole is not a perfect fit, trim the next guideline until your Dr Foot Insoles fit perfectly. WARNING: Only trim the toe end and do not cut them too short!

4. Place your Dr Foot Custom Insoles in the oven for exactly 2 minutes. NOTE: Your Dr Foot Custom Insoles come with a Heat Sensitive Moulding Indicator. This is the sticker on the bottom of the insole. Once your insoles have reached the correct temperature (71°C), the indicator will change colour from silver to black. Please note you should check every 30 seconds during the first 2 minutes to see if the moulding indicator has changed colour. If the indicator hasn't changed colour after 2 minutes, continue to heat the insoles, check the indicator colour every 30 seconds, repeat if necessary. Once the indicator has turned black remove the insoles from the oven. If the indicator has not turned black after 5 minutes remove the insoles from the oven, they will be ready to mould. The insoles will be warm but not hot to the touch.

5. Once your Dr Foot Custom Insoles are out of the oven, immediately put them into your shoes. (Ensure they are sitting flat in your shoes and the toe area of the insole is not bent over).

6. Put your feet in right away; make sure your heels are against the back of the shoes than lace them up. You can wear socks but the choice is yours as the insoles should be warm but not hot. As a guide, when you bend your knees, your knee cap should be directly over your second toe.

7. Stand straight with your feet shoulder width apart and your toes pointed directly forward for 2 minutes.

There will be a break in or adjustment period in wearing your new Dr Foot Custom Insoles. Since most of us are not used to having footwear that properly supports the arch and the heel, the insoles may feel unusual at first. Wear your Dr Foot Custom Insoles for a minimum of three days before considering re-heating the Insoles to further adjust to your feet.

Your Dr Foot Custom Insoles can be reheated up to five times! However, excessive amounts of heating will cause your Dr Foot Custom Insoles to lose their supportive, anatomically designed shape so please be careful to follow the heating instructions.

If your Dr Foot Custom Insoles need to be cleaned, simply hand wash the top layer with a warm soapy cloth.


Would moulding the in Dr Foot Custom Insoles just make the problem worse if I have a foot problem?

By carrying out the directions on the package, your foot will estimate the neutral position. A neutral position will make sure the heated Dr Foots Custom Insoles mould to your feet accurately, getting rid of problems and not adding to or worsening already existing problems. On top of this, because the Dr Foots Custom Insoles have just the precise amount of firmness, they will conform to your feet without becoming unsupportive or flat.

What is the benefit of heat mouldable Dr Foots Custom Insoles compared to regular insoles?

Unlike regular insoles Dr Foots Custom Insoles conform to fit every unique foot perfectly. These Insoles provide arch support, control and comfort.

Why is it that Dr Foots Custom Insoles cost less than conventional orthotic products?

Our Dr Foots Custom Insoles cost less that conventional orthotic products because they use a unique and special heat to fit technology. Heat to fit technology lets everyone get a custom fit without the high cost which is linked with visiting a health care professional. Although our Dr Foot Custom Insoles will not take the place of a foot care professional for people whom have severely troubled feet, the exceptional and unique mixture of materials permits Dr Foot Custom Insoles to alter to exactly your foot shape! Dr Foot Custom Insoles are justly a revolution in foot care technology.

Do I need to heat the Dr Foots Custom Insoles before I wear them?

Dr Foots Custom Insoles can be worn without heating them. If you need maximum support then this may be best. On the other hand, heating and moulding them to your feet will give better overall support and comfort. If you need maximum support then you might choose not to heat them.

How long will Dr Foots Custom Insoles last?

The standard wear time for Dr Foots Custom Insoles is 1 to 2 years, depending on how much they are used daily and on how much the user weighs.

Can you heat Dr Foots Custom Insoles more than once?

Yes Dr Foots Custom Insoles are reheatable. They can be reheated up to five times. Heating them too much will cause your insoles to lose their supportive, anatomically designed shape so be sure to follow the heating instructions carefully. If you think the heating process didn't alter your Dr Foot Custom Insoles to your approval then simply reheat them.

Can the Insoles be used in different footwear?

Of course you can. You can use your Dr Foots Custom Insoles in nearly any type of footwear. You can use them in casual shoes, running/tennis/cross training shoes, ski boots, hiking boots, or even roller blades. You can move your Dr Foots Custom Insoles from one type of footwear to another as much as you want.

How do I clean the Dr Foot Custom Insoles?

If you need to clean your Dr Foots Custom Insoles, then basically just wash the top layer with soap and water. You should not machine wash your Dr Foot Custom Insoles.