Plantar Fasciitis FXT Night Splint
Plantar Fasciitis FXT Night Splint
Other Important Information:

Fits left or right foot.
Material Content: 3 layers - trioxon lining, rubberized material in centre and nylon outer.
Care: Hand wash in mild detergent, air dry. Store in a cool, dry place
Weight: 3 oz.
Made in Australia.


"I have had plantar fasciitis for almost two years and had to give up the running programme. Three weeks ago I purchased the Plantar Fasciitis FXT Night Splint and have been using it nightly. I have made some progress for the first time in over a year."

Mrs Taylor, New York, USA

"I received the Plantar Fasciitis FXT Night Splint a month ago and now I am pain free. What a great concept. So much better than taking medication this masks the pain temporarily. After two weeks of using the Plantar Fasciitis FXT Night Splint I am able to walk and play football again. Thanks so much for the great invention."

Paul Wright, London

"The FXT Night Splint has definitely helped my plantar fasciitis. Before I started wearing the splint, I could barely walk on my foot each morning. The doctor said I was basically re-injuring it every morning when I stood up, so it wasn't healing. When I wear the night splint, though, my foot feels much better in the morning and throughout the day. I can tell the difference if I miss a couple of nights! I definitely would recommend it."

Ms Fiona Palmer, London


I'm just writing to say that the Night Splint you sent me is brilliant. My heel spur is so much better than it was - (5 weeks on). Also the Dr Foot Pro Insoles help tremendously during the daytime. My life is back to normal again!

Thank you".

Brenda Carr, UK