Toe Stretcher to Treat Bunions

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Yoga Toe Stretcher Sport (pair)
Yoga Toe Stretcher Sport (pair)
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Yoga Toe Stretcher Sport (pair)

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Whether you struggle with hammertoes, Morton’s neuroma, bunions or the ravages of time have simply worn down the elasticity in your foot muscles and ligaments we recommend a daily dose of toe stretches. Simply slide the soft, flexible, medical grade gel Toe Stretchers between your toes and feel the relief (great in the bath or foot spa too). Includes travel bag.

Caution: Not recommended for those with diabetes. Do not wear while sleeping; discontinue use if toes begin to burn or go numb.

Features & Benefits of the Toe Stretcher:

Soft, flexible, medical grade gel is gentle between the toes.

Use Toe Stretchers for 5 to 15 minutes a day to treat hammertoes, Morton’s neuroma, overlapping or pinched toes and bunions.

Waterproof design allows you to stretch your toes in the bath or foot spa.
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