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Why do my feet hurt?

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Why do my feet hurt?

Many factors contribute to your feet hurting, including:

  • Poor Fitting footwear, as well as poorly structured shoes.
  • High-heeled shoes can cause a particular type of foot pain for women who wear them, as they concentrate all weight and pressure on the toes.
  • Some types sandals also provide little support, and can contribute to your foot pain.
  • Systemic medical conditions and poor circulation.
  • Exercise.
  • Flat feet and arch pain
  • Inflammation caused by infection, injury, arthritis or trauma.
  • Structural deformities, whether congenital or progressive in type, such as hammertoes and bunions.

Dr Foot offers a wide variety of foot hurting products designed to help relieve your foot ailments:
Available foot hurting products for arch pain include:
Arch pad
Heel cups

Stretching devices
Arch supports

Available foot hurting products for hammertoes and other types of toe pain include:

Toe caps
Single and double toe straighteners
Hammer Toe Splint

Available foot hurting products for bunions, corn and calluses include:

Bunion regulators
Toe cushions
Toe separators and
Toe spacers

As you can see from the examples above,Dr Foot can help relieve foot pain associated with these and other ailments via available foot pain products that include inserts, orthotics, shoes for sensitive/diabetic feet, stretching aids, socks and much, much more.

We hope that Dr Foot will be your sole destination for any foot pain product you may seek. Please start shopping today to find foot pain products to help ease your foot pain.

If you are suffering from chronic foot pain, and the use of a Dr Foot foot product does not help ease your pain, we suggest you seek out medical attention with your local podiatrist before attempting the use of any other foot pain products.