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Foot Blisters

Introduction Foot Blisters

Blisters occur when feet get hot & sweaty, making socks stick to the feet. The sock and foot then rub against each other and the inside of the shoe. Fluid fills up a space between layers of skin to protect the area, like a small balloon. That's how a blister forms. People with diabetes may not be able to recognize the painful event due to a condition called neuropathy, a doctor should attend to their blisters.

Understanding this condition

Sometimes these blisters "pop" by themselves and can become infected. Watch out for redness or leaking yellow liquid, and for red lines near the blister. These are symptoms that require medical attention. If the blister has not "popped," then leave it alone. Most of the time, it will reabsorb and heal on its own.


Foot Blisters

Causes of Foot Blisters

  • Form as a result of heat, moisture and friction.
  • Friction forces caused by inappropriate footwear.
  • Form as a result of fungal infections on the skin, allergic reactions or burns.
  • Excessive foot perspiration.

Treatment for Foot Blisters

  • In most cases blisters heal naturally and do not require specialist attention. The body will reabsorb the fluid and the blister will dry and peel off. The skin that forms on top of the blisters provides a natural defence to infection. Ideally you should not pierce a blister with a needle but allow it to heal naturally.
  • You could cover a blister with an adhesive dressing or gauze. If the blister is causing you pain, cover the area with a soft dressing and change the dressing daily. Once the blister bursts refrain from peeling the skin and cover the exposed skin with a dressing.
  • If a blister becomes infected, it will be very painful, swollen and possibly red. It is advisable to visit your doctor for a prescription of antibiotics ASAP.
  • In a recent study, cadets attending the U.S. Military Academy were separated into two groups that used either an antiperspirant or a placebo preparation.

    Each group was asked to apply the preparation to their feet for five consecutive nights before completing a 21-km hike. After the hike, only 21 percent of the cadets who reported using the preparation for at least three nights before the hike were diagnosed with foot blisters.

    The placebo group reported a 48 percent incidence of foot blisters. Researchers theorized that reducing sweating might reduce friction and consequently reduce blisters. View callusan fresh mouse to prevent excessive perspiration which can lead to blisters.

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