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Flat Feet

Introduction to Flat Feet

Flat feet is a condition in which the foot doesn't have a normal arch. It may affect one foot or both feet. Most people have a gap between in the inner side of the foot and the ground when they are standing. This is referred to as an "arch". Feet that have a low arch or no arch at all are referred to as flat feet or fallen arches.

Understanding this condition

On standing the patient will have a flat arch and the foot may roll over to the inner aspect.

The symptoms vary depending on the severity of the condition. Individuals may experience corns and hard skin under the sole of the foot. The arch area may be tender and shoes will tend to wear out quickly. In severe cases the patient may experience calf, knee, hip and back pain.


Flat Feet

Causes of Flat Feet

  • It may be hereditary, i.e passed on through generations.
  • Most people (approx. 60-70% of the population) suffer from excessive pronation due to flat feet when walking, running and standing. Though the foot may appear normal when sitting down, with a clear arch present under the foot, over-pronation becomes noticeable when we stand or walk as a result of weight bearing. The arches collapse with every step which can lead to many other problems.
  • A ruptured tendon (tibilias posterior) can lead to a flat foot.
  • Cerebral palsy, spins bifida and muscular dystrophy can also lead to a flat foot condition.

Treatment for Flat Feet

  • Flat feet sufferers find extra support in Dr Foot Pro Insoles. The soft cover and the flexible EVA base material create an excellent arch support which immediately treats the cause of flat feet, view the pro insoles here also watch the video below
  • Wear wide fitting shoes.
  • Do not try to treat the secondary lesions (i.e corns) yourself.
  • Dr Foot Sport Insoles are engineered to combat over pronation and provide greater stability and maximum support. Ideal for patients seeking arch support for prevention and treatment of flat feet and general arch pain in sports shoes.
  • To support your feet in slim fitting narrow shoes you need the slim fit orthofit. The Slim Fit Orthofit have been designed to offer the correct profile in an elegantly thin, yet exceptionally strong material. These ultra thin and ultra light insoles will fit into all types of footwear.

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"...looking forward to receiving my second pair of Dr Foot Insoles as they have done wonders for my feet. I've been working up to 11-12 hr. a day in a packing factory and have had no pain in my arch area, they feel great!"

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