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Exercises For Bunions

Keeping the joint mobile is important as this goes a long way to helping and preventing the arthritic type pain that can develop inside the joint of bunions. Several exercises are recommended:

1. Grasp the big toe with one hand and do some 'yoga' like stretches on the joint in all directions. Hold the position at the end range of motion for 10-15 seconds. Repeat several times in all directions.

2. Traction helps some people with spinal problems, and can also help keep the big toe joint mobile. Grasp the toe and the foot and try and "pull" the toe "off". Hold for 10-15 seconds. Repeat several times (if you are elderly or have arthritic problems then seek advice before trying this excercise).

3. Find some sort of elastic band and loop it around both big toes. Spread your feet so that the toe is "straightened" - hold for several minutes. Repeat several times.

Exercises will NEVER be able to correct the position of the toe due to the adaption of bone that has gone on for many years as the bunion developed, but they are important to keep the toe flexible and mobile.


Exercises For Bunions

Causes of Bunions

  • The most important causative factor is poor fitting footwear. This accounts for an higher incidence among women than men.
  • Family history of bunions
  • Abnormal foot function, excessive pronation. Poor foot mechanics, such as excessive pronation (rolling inwards of the foot), causes a medial force which exerts pressure and can lead to the formation of bunions.
  • Rheumatoid or osteoarthritis.
  • Genetic and neuromuscular diseases, which can result in a muscular imbalance such as Down's syndrome.
  • If one leg is longer then the other, the longer leg is more inclined to develop a bunion.
  • If the ligaments in the feet are very weak.
  • In some cases, bunions can occur due to trauma or injury to the feet.

Treatment for Bunions

  • The most common cause of a bunion is over pronation, this is when your foot rotates in too much as you walk. You really need to treat the underlying cause of the bunion as soon as possible to prevent any further damage. View the Dr Foot Pro Insoles which are for wide fitting shoes or the Slim Fit Pro for slim fitting shoes.
  • Wear wide fitting shoes, preferably with a leather upper which will allow a stretch. Avoid high heeled shoes.
  • Bunion exercises will help to keep the joint flexible, click here to view recommended exercises.
  • Bunion surgery may be required in some patients, however this should only be considered when all non-surgical treatment options have been used. Bunion surgery has improved dramatically over the last 20 years but it still cannot guarantee a total recovery and often post operative complications such as calluses and corns can occur depending on the procedure used. Click here to view the different types of procedures available.
  • If your bunion becomes painful, red and swollen, try using ice on the joint and elevate the foot on a stool.
  • Bunion Night Splints can reduce the size of the bunion. This will straighten the bunion while you sleep, click here to view this product
  • A Bunion Shield can reduce the pain over the bunion. View product here
  • Performing stretches on your toes and feet while you go about your daily routine. This increases circulation, red blood cell activity, and bone realignment. The easiest way to do this is by using a soft, flexible, medical grade gel Toe stretcher which is gentle between the toes and helps to straighten your toes. View the product here

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I just wanted to say thanks for sending me the bunion night splints. I have only been using the night splints for about 4 nights now but I think, and I don't think its wishful thinking, I can see an improvement even though my bunions were quite small to start with. Anyway, I'm really happy and glad I purchased these, plus I wanted to say thanks for being the only website to provide an alternative to bunion surgery. The rest of the websites say that you either leave the bunions or have painful surgery but only in severe cases so I was worried about my unsightly bunions at such a young age but you have provided a solution that seems to work."

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