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Snowboarder's Ankle Injury

What is a Snowboarder's Ankle Injury?

The Talus bone found in the ankle, just above the heel bone, is hardly a safe part for snowboarders. In fact, it is often injured due to the challenges that the sport imposes. Since an ankle sprain is found fifteen times more common in snowboarders than the rest of the population, it is often termed as the Snowboarders Ankle injury.

The Snowboarders Ankle injury is usually caused by a twisted ankle during an exciting glide in the snow. A fracture in the lateral process of the Talus bone causes both the inflammation and the pain. As with any ailment, early diagnosis is helpful in finding the proper treatments. However, a Snowboarders Ankle injury is quite difficult to detect. X-rays are usually not enough to see the damage. If the orthopedic doctor does not see anything at the films yet swelling and pain are present, he may recommend a CT Scan to confirm the injury.

A Snowboarders Ankle is different from a straightforward sprained ankle. They may be similar in terms of the signs and symptoms but the damages actual effect may be severe in the case of the former. If not treated immediately, a Snowboarders Ankle may lead to permanent joint damage.

A Snowboarders Ankle injury that is characterized by just fractured fragments may be treated with crutches and a plastic cast. They are used for about six weeks until the fractured bone heals. If the injury comes with displaced fragments of bone in the ankle joint, however, surgery is required.

The warning signs for a Snowboarders Ankle injury include inflammation and chronic pain. Those who sprained their ankles many times before and complain about persistent paint and swelling are also possible candidates for this specific type of ankle injury.

What can you do to prevent Snowboarder's Ankle?

Being active must not equate carelessness. Snowboarding does not have to expose a person to risks. Being involved into any kind of sport requires a person to be aware of the precautionary measures as well. To be on the safe side while enjoying the flurry of the sport, snowboarders must remember to practice balance and Proprioception. Proprioception indicates whether the body is moving swiftly with the related parts intact. Enhancing that sense will help the ankle recover when it is going overboard. Snowboarders may also use sports insoles, which provide enough protection on the ankle against sprain and other injuries. In addition, you may use the Thusane ankle support below, which was proven effective not just by snowboarders but other sports active individuals as well.

What should you do if you suffer a Snowboarder's Ankle Injury?

The only way a Snowboarders Ankle is treated is through the help of a medical professional. Once you feel pain and suspect a possible fracture in your ankle or in any part of your body, consult a doctor immediately. Proper diagnosis will help greatly to resolve the problem immediately. Small fractures with no displaced fragments recover well enough with therapies and other conservative treatments. Submitting yourself to a period of immobilization in an Darco Pro Walker would easily repair the problem and gets you back to your active life in six weeks. Severe fractures with displaced fragments, on the other hand, take longer time to heal. They also often times require surgery.

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